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Nottingham within Nottinghamshire which has got a tight boundary which means its population is 289,000, but its urban area holds a population of 667,000 making it the 7th largest urban area in UK. It is known for its historical link with Rodin Hood. The cities industrial revolution in the 19th century allowed for it to be recognized to be the major producers of bicycles and lace-making. The city has its historic attractions, which were mainly popular for tourists like Nottingham Castle and also Sherwood Forest. Its other attraction is the lively nightlife it provides for many of its local areas along with its shopping facilities. Nottingham is known to be the home to the oldest pub in England which was built in 1189 called ‘Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem’. The city is sometimes looked as student city, because of two very large educational institutions called University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University. The high influx of student makes a lot of opportunities to rent, and also many buy to let mortgages taken out. To complement the amount of students in the city is it options for public transport which has many options and a lot of train companies.

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