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Even though it’s so close to England, Scotland had many different natural beauties with its constant highlands and lowlands. It had a vast range of diversity and has both urban and rural areas within it and when in Scotland it has its own sense of presence. All the cities have a lively vibe, along with nice characteristics especially in the summer seasons. Scotland’s renewable energy is thrived by its oil industry and also by its natural beauty of mountains which allow for a lot of wind to be generated supplying wind turbines. Part of Scotland’s top attractions Is Loch Ness, it is the known to be home to an unusual creature and is also the third deepest lake in the whole of Europe     . Edinburgh castle and the Royal Mile are a contribution towards the tourism of Scotland which is located in the heart of the capital. Ben Nevis is known as the highest in Britain and is part of the 284 mountains of The Munros. The mountain offers a spectacular view of the area around Scotland because of it being 4,406ft tall. To live in Scotland can be very rewarding with what it has to offer, from the high standards of education to good health care. The higher education is known to be in presence from all the way in 1411, when St Andrew opened. From then too now St Andrew University has proved to be of a very high standard and is ranked 5th through the Good University Guide. Edinburgh University is ranked at the 18th position and is another university in Scotland along with Stirling, Robert Gordon, Napier, Queen Margaret Edinburgh and Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian in Glasgow. The variation of property in Scotland is wide with it having a lot of natural areas where cottages can be bought to live in, but if you are looking for a city life many 1 & 2 bedroom apartments are available and are also being. To get professional advice from a mortgage advisor within Scotland just fill in some essential information below.

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