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Let’s start of by why explain what is averse credit. If you have adverse credit then then you basically have poor payment records, which in other words mean according to the lender your payment on debt have not been good in the past. An adverse credit may occur to someone who already has a mortgage and is looking to re-mortgage their property but, cannot. This is where an adverse re-mortgage would be used. Some reasons behind this maybe in the past you have claimed bankruptcy, or entered an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, or a County Court Judgement filed against you. Whatever the reason if you have an adverse credit rating then you may need an adverse re-mortgage.
If this is the case for you then, it is not something to worry about, as the lenders market for adverse credit is growing, so that many more options are available. An adverse credit might also be applicable if you are self-employed, and this is because the lender looks at you as a higher risk.
Adverse re-mortgages have different ranges from heavy to feather light, and to ensure lighter adverse re-mortgage a good idea is to pay some of your outstanding debt before applying. Another method to helping you on adverse re-mortgage is to maybe lowering the actual amount applied for, as the lender will look at it as less of a risk.
With our vast range of mortgage advisors, we would be sure to find the right advisor for you. To look on the bright side with taking out an adverse re-mortgage you start building up your credit rating and overtime will be better off, the next time taking out a loan. Once completing the form below a broker who specialises in adverse re-mortgage will be shortly in contact with you.

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