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First Time Buyer Mortgage

Being a first time buyer is something everyone goes through, but it always feels as if you are the only one. With so many choices and no experience behind it, it can seem like you never know which product to choose. As first time buyer mortgages are the hardest to attain, most estate agents ask if the mortgage has been approved before showing properties physically. Many costs make it extremely difficult for first time buyers like higher deposits, stamp duty, land registry fee and also surveyor’s fee.
If the property is planned to be bought with a partner or with anyone else, it is important that the correct legal documents are put in to place. This is because if certain circumstances change and one wants to sell their share then this can only be done with correct documentation.  
When looking to takeout a mortgage for the first times it is vital to see if the current economic climate along with your personal situation to see if the decision would suit you. At times the decision to save some money to create a lower LTV may be a sensible decision. If all these aspects have been looked at and agreed that this is the right time then the following may help.
The stages to first time buyer, is as followed:

  • Planning a budget so you know, when going to look
  • Finding a property which fits inside the well planned budget
  • Making the right offer so you know you will not lose the property but at the same time pay its rock bottom price
  • Looking at mortgage options
  • Getting all the legal aspects in place
  • Finalising everything carefully

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