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So if you are looking to remortgage, the essential information of how mortgages work is the past for you, though re-mortgaging is the new concept. The term re-mortgage means finishing one mortgage, from what you take out on a new mortgage, leaving the security as the same. It is the process of moving from one lender to another usually because of better interest rates. In other cases it may be to pay off another debt, to raise money, to finish the payment on the mortgage outstanding or to decrease the repayment.
More commonly home owners are starting to remortgage their property, to think of the future and buy a property as an investment. This is generally when a home owner is at a confortable stage in life, along with a holding of good credit history from the previous mortgage. When interest rates are low along with property prices, it’s like hitting a double bonus and these are the conditions of the current market, which is a result of the increasing re-mortgages taken out.
The cost implication on a re-mortgage depends on the lender. Also at times a variation of fees may apply, which can be seen as an additional cost towards the process of the mortgage. The fees can be legal fees, early repayment fees, loan application fees and maybe others.
With all the options for remortgage from fixed to a tracker mortgage, we can provide the best solution depending on your circumstances.
By receiving a quote from one of our advisor will ensure to leave you with information to see what is available in the market. With on little information needed initially it will allow you to see the realistic side of re-mortgaging. A simple form is all that needs to be filled out, and we will have an advisor with expert help to guide you.

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